[GRID3 Nigeria Data Challenge] From AI to GIS: ‘Yosola and Nathaniel’s journeys to geospatial analytics for sustainable development

September 18, 2020

‘Yosola Adekanmbi Oluwaseun and Nathaniel O. Solomon are Nigerian artificial intelligence (AI) enthusiasts. Their path to developing new data science and analytical skills led them to the Data Science Nigeria (DSN) AI Bootcamp last November.

Following their participation in GRID3’s geospatial workshops, they both won the GRID3 Data Challenge, a competition where participants submitted innovative ideas around the use of geospatial data and gridded population estimates in Nigeria.

The two winners were invited to join a mentorship programme with GRID3 staff and DSN where they deep-dived into core concepts of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), developed their geospatial skills through individual and personalised sessions, and learnt to turn their ideas into concept notes, including specific analyses guided by GRID3 data experts.

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The successful journey of ‘Yosola and Nathaniel took the two 2019 Bootcamp participants onto a quest to diversify their data science skill sets and apply data science techniques to real world issues, working with GRID3 and DSN. Their involvement in the Data Challenge enabled them to apply the foundational knowledge they acquired in the Bootcamp sessions to challenges they are both passionate about solving.

GRID3 is thrilled to be joining DSN again for its 2020 AI Bootcamp in October, which will take place online due to the current pandemic situation. For those considering attending the Bootcamp ‒ and the GRID3 sessions ‒ this year, we asked ‘Yosola and Nathaniel to share their thoughts:

Interested in developing solutions to give back to society, Nathaniel highlights the similarities of his motives with GRID3’s mission:

“If you are passionate about contributing to the development of your community, this is a go-to session for you. The session will enlighten you on making data driven decisions for your society. You can’t afford to miss it”.

For ‘Yosola, the GRID3 approach to government data ownership and engagement helped him understand the role of data in informing decision-making:

“I’ve always wondered how some government policies were determined, and the GRID3 sessions helped me understand how some analyses were conducted to inform policies. You’ll be mind blown to find out about the role of GIS analysis in government decisions and policies all from the GRID3 sessions”.

The DSN AI Bootcamp is a major event in the data science sphere in Nigeria and GRID3 is thrilled to contribute by training the next generation of AI experts on geospatial analytics. Dr Bayo (Olubayo) Adekanmbi, Founder of Data Science Nigeria, comments:

“The importance of geospatial data for social and business good cannot be overemphasised. GRID3 brings the precision and localisation of geospatial to Nigeria’s biggest Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp. Participants of the Bootcamp are able to use the GRID3 dataset to build geospatial solutions that deliver great value.”

The 2020 edition will be held online between 20 and 25 October and will accept the 250 best candidates following an intensive 70-day learning. For updates, follow @GRID3Global and @DataScienceNIG on Twitter.

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  • 'Yosola Adekanmbi Oluwaseun 'Yosola Adekanmbi Oluwaseun
  • Nathaniel O. Solomon Nathaniel O. Solomon

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