Mapping and Classifying Settlement Locations

Discusses GRID3’s work on collecting and analysing settlements data. GRID3’s settlements work has two areas of focus: creating a comprehensive settlement layer that enables a real-world picture of communities, and using building footprints, geospatial data layers, and machine learning algorithms to classify structures and local areas within settlements. The paper also discusses the applications of GRID3’s methods in Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Zambia.

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Authors Center for International Earth Science Information Network; Flowminder Foundation; United Nations Population Fund; WorldPop, University of Southampton

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Using GRID3 population data for COVID-19 vaccinations

Learn how to use geospatial data to visualise the locations, distribution, and characteristics of vulnerable populations who receive basic health services. These types of visualisations can support efforts to allocate resources and plan outreach activities for COVID-19 vaccination campaigns. They can also be used to inform planning for other health service delivery.

Developing COVID-19 vaccination strategies with GRID3 maps

In this guide, we provide instructions on how to use GRID3 maps for COVID-19 vaccination microplanning. We also highlight how comprehensive data on settlement locations, health facilities, boundaries, and target populations (disaggregated by age and travel distance to health facilities) can be used to help answer important questions during planning of a health campaign.

Modelling optimal site placement for COVID-19 vaccination

How far does one need to travel to reach a vaccination site? What could be done to improve access to this service? Can we upgrade existing facilities to improve access to vaccination or do we need to create new fixed or mobile sites in specific areas? Answering such questions is essential to successful immunisation interventions, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and governmental efforts to roll out effective vaccination campaigns.